Latest Call Center Trends for Boosting Utility Companies In The U.S.

Call Center Trends

With new technology and digital evolution, many traditional power and energy companies in the U.S.A. have taken steps to reinvent themselves. To stay competitive, it is necessary for Utility companies to adapt to new technologies. From smart meters and cyber thefts to increasing expectations for utility customer service in the United States, the challenges are also many. Hence, as a solution, the Energy and Utility providers have relied on Utility call center services in the United States.      

Here are some latest utility call center trends to offer more customized customer communications, faster service, and cost-efficiency.  

Performance optimization through data analytics

A new class of analytical business intelligence solutions is leveraged for delivering high level of productivity and services. These solutions are reliant on user-centric data analytics which makes it easier for top BPO companies in the United States and the United Kingdom to understand customers better. In-depth data analytics help call center agents to optimize their performance. It assists customers in making better decisions that go in favor of the company and boost overall call center results.     

Using AI in live chat support services

With a growing number of utility companies showing interest in AI, utility call center services in the United States are also greatly AI-driven, today. Automation offers technology growth in energy and utilities. Businesses can achieve customer satisfaction levels when customer guidance is provided all throughout their journey. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence also accelerates the extraction of customer insigh

BPO Services in California and Utah offer AI-based live chat support services for a utility company. AI-enabled chatbots help agents respond to customers faster and accurately. Chatbots have become the first point of contact for 27/7 customer support and routing complex conversations through filtering. For more complex interactions, the chat is routed to human agents.

AI also helps with customer journey analytics. It is important in predicting customer behaviors that can perk up utility customer service and sales in United States.      

Automated notification for customers

Today, customers are used to instant messaging and automated notifications. An event-based automated notification system, when introduced in inbound/outbound call center customer services, can lower contact costs by almost half. The automated yet customized calls for notifying emergency outages, repair status messages, due payment reminders and service appointments keep customers updated and reduce hassles of utility companies.

Interactive features let customers choose responses or communicate with a human representative. When voice process services for a utility company are used for collections, automated features can lower the number of calls to be made manually. The outsourcing service provider can assign more agents and time for complicated functions.     

Certification and Benchmarking submission process

Top Utility Call Center Companies in Utah have gone through a benchmarking and certification process. It is to provide an unbiased, expert evaluation of how the call center measures up alongside the best. Besides, the managers can utilize the benchmarking data for driving growth initiatives.  

Positive results can also generate valuable information for PR communications and establish brand credibility.

Adding voice recognition technology

Voice process services for a utility company are largely dependent on voice recognition technology. Customers might be more comfortable using voice when communicating their needs over the phone. So, instead of pushing buttons and IVR menu offered by traditional answering services, self-serve options are preferred more. Simple voice response unit options are not enough today. Customers expect more refined options from voice process utility services. For example, the ease of using credit cards for bill payment and schedule reminders.

At present, only a fraction of utility and energy companies use speech technology. Outsourced BPO Services in California and Utah leverage speech technology that will increase the usage of utility self-service.

Internet Protocol- based call center support

Internet Protocol or IP facilitate voice communications through internet connection. Although it is hyped as the future of next-gen communication, for a specialized utility customer service call center in United States, the importance will be realized in these areas:

  • Smart call routing –  Every customer communication channels like phone, email, webchat, and other non-voice process services for a utility company can be handled conjointly. It maximizes productivity and minimizes response time with a centralized history of interaction.
  • Integration of apps – While many utility call center service providers in the United States have integrated Customer Information System or CIS with applications like OMS or Outage Management System, IP solutions will enable easier integration. It eliminates custom integration issues onto a single platform and maintains duplicate systems for multi-site BPO for Utilities.

Co-browsing solution for higher FCR

The inability to get in touch with a live agent for utility related support is one of the most annoying factors for customer service dissatisfaction.  

FCR or First Call Resolution is a crucial call center metric for utility customer service in United States. There are times when customers face complex issues that need multiple interactions for resolving. Faster resolution is directly proportional to customer satisfaction.  

How co-browsing improves FCR rates?

  • It equips call center agents to resolve customer issues quickl
  • It helps with root cause analysis (RCA). It identifies the genuine reasons why customers connect to the utility call center and use that info for solving specific problems at the source.           

Utility call centers that integrate these trends will be in a leading position for providing superior yet cost-efficient customer service. Partner with a utility call center like Fusion CX to offer high-quality customer service which will ultimately drive sales.        

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