How And Why Telemarketing Will Hold Its Importance In The Digital Era

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In the field of marketing, evolution is inevitable. It has transformed by leaps and bounds ever since its inception. With developments in digital marketing, the traditional methods are slowly becoming obsolete. Face to face meetings, direct marketing, email marketing and other modes of telecommunication are reliant on digital tools and marketing automations, today. Call center services that include telemarketing have started walking the newly paved way by digital channels like social media, content marketing, predictive dialer, scripter etc.

In spite of the rise in marketing channels, a modern-day telecommunication call center uses telemarketing to generate leads, because it is expected to be the most effective one. However, the ways to maximize the value from a traditional call center to a modern-day contact center are being adopted by integrating various marketing activities. Telemarketing call center services have a number of uses, as well as generating relevant leads. It is also an effective channel in building first-rate databases.

Read on to find out what role telemarketing plays in the digital age for boosting businesses, irrespective of the industry.

What are the benefits of telemarketing?   

Instant two-way conversation

Having two-way communication with prospects or customers via telemarketing is a powerful action. The kind and level of information that can be gained through telecommunication channels and processes is much greater than other channels. Top BPO companies use a combination of voice channels with purely digital channels to maximize effectiveness.

Yes, you can use data capture and lead generation forms on your contact us page or landing page and extract profile information. There will however be a trade-off if customers fill out those forms casually and refrain from giving correct information. Over telephonic surveys, customers can’t avoid questions and the agents have the skills to extract more in-depth and accurate information from them. This information can be used later for providing customized customer service. Call Center for the BFSI industry is greatly dependent on accurate customer profiling so that personalized products and services can be offered.

Cost-effective way to generate leads

Call center services for generating leads, promoting products or services and selling them often includes telemarketing because it is a cost-effective method. Telemarketing for Financial Services outsourcing is especially important because building strong customer relationships is very important. The communication for establishing a stronger relationship with individual customers or an organization can be infused with empathy and emotion when a voice channel is used.

Help in expand your business reach

Another significant advantage of telemarketing is business expandability. It facilitates you to connect and reach out to customers sitting at a distance. Business expansion can be fruitful when you know your customers better. A BPO company like Fusion CX can help you reach out to your prospects by telemarketing surveys.   

Why is telemarketing used?

Telemarketing is either employed as an independent approach or in combination with different marketing methods for helping companies achieve sales targets. B2B sales or event promotions for travel industry call center require pitching from professional telemarketing agents in a way that makes a very strong positive impression.  

Following are some of the usage of telemarketing:


Irrespective of the industry, telemarketing is used by companies even in this digital era for tapping into new market potentials and customer base. For a travel industry call center, the importance of voice channel is greater than ever when customers are uncertain about the travel regulations in the post-COVID-19 world. Whereas, for a utility call center, the significance of hearing the voice of customers is essential because it helps the agents to make changes in the script depending on how a customer reacts. Voice channels help in understanding customers’ reactions better as compared to other channels.      

Enhancing customer experience

For the telecommunication call center, being able to attract inactively, existing clients are more cost-effective and result-driven than chasing new customers. Studies have revealed that acquiring new customers is five times costlier than retaining existing customers.

This is not just true in the case of BFSI outsourcing but is also applicable for Healthcare BPO companies looking to improve their services where the customer or patient experience matters.  

Infusing empathy in conversation

Telemarketing call center services from a renowned contact center like Fusion CX can help ensure a satisfactory customer experience by introducing empathy in conversation. Empathies and emotions are best expressed over voice. So, telemarketing is an essential method that many Healthcare BPO providers, utility outsourcing partners, or e-commerce BPO agencies count on.      

Generating leads

Telemarketing, in the age of digitization, can be crucial for creating leads and a new customer base. An energy and utility service provider reliant on utilities call center can boost the number of relevant leads. Similarly, for other departments and industries, telemarketing outsourcing is a common practice that hasn’t taken the back seat even when digital channels are ruling the marketing gamut.  

Following up after sales closure

Following up after closing a deal is also a crucial aspect of the telemarketer’s profile because a follow up with the generated leads can escalate sales opportunities by many times.

Conducting surveys, compiling info

Not just for running a sales campaign, top BPO companies use telemarketing as a competent tool in analyzing the success of any sales or marketing campaign. Telemarketers connect to customers for collecting reviews and measuring satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels and pass it on to the marketing department for analysis.   

How important is telemarketing in the digital age?

Like already said, call centers for BFSI industry, eCommerce, or any other sector considers telemarketing as an important marketing channel for ages. However, with the advancement in digital marketing and automation, the benefits are not easily visible. There are many stigmas that surround call center services for telemarketing today because of the limitations on cold calling or for firms that are more concerned about the number of dials than the quality of conversation or leads. But, by choosing the right call center, a balance between digital interactions and one-on-one communication with businesses or customers can be attained. Such balanced and blended methods are important for increasing conversions and boosting sales.       

Telemarketing is about to thrive in the coming years holding hands with digital marketing.

Why Fusion CX for telemarketing services?

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